Graphics Guide

If you will be providing your own ready made ad please keep the following guidelines in mind:

Important copy or text must be kept at least 1/16 inch away from the edges for intersecting borders.

No bleed or crop marks will be necessary. 

Acceptable file formats include JPG, TIF, EPS, PDF, or PNG, in full color RGB mode.

Please keep your placement orientation and aspect ratio in consideration for your ad. Exp. If you have a 4" x 2" (width x height) ad, you have a horizontal orientation so the ad image you provide will want to be the same.

Please email artwork to

If you would like one created for you to approve please submit any information you would like us to work with including logos, photos, and the wording, tag line or coupons you would like to include in the body of your email. When sending art files the same file formats above apply, and do attach your images to your email rather than embedding them.

If you do not have any images just send contact information and we can draft something from past approved company templates. Just let us know how our graphics team should proceed. Thank you!